Mailorder List:

All prices exclude delivery. Just email your order and you will receive a response with total including delivery. Please include your address with the order so that the postage quote is accurate. We try to keep postage prices as low as possible so we can send CD’s/Tapes without plastic cases if you wish. Small orders we can usually send at the letter rate when the package is less than 2cm in thickness.

To order EMAIL: utsrecordsandmerch (AT)

PayPal to: utsrecordsandmerch (AT)

Direct Bank Transfer: email for bank details


Conspirator “Lie! Cheat! Kill!” C-20 $5 (UTS)
20 minutes of Harsh Analog Noise, heavily layered with attention to detail. Not for the weak! LISTEN

Conspirator/Xtematic SPLIT C-32 $5 (UTS)
Harsh Noise War with a lethal strain of old school Power Electronics from Conspirator. Ripping, harsh, schizo noise from Xtematic. LISTEN

Coffin Lust “Beyond the Dark” Demo 2012 $5(SAARLAC PROD. first press) 
Australian Death Metal in the late ’80’s early ’90’s vein. LISTEN

Destruct “Legion XI” C-34 $5 (UTS)
On this release Destruct presents 8 pieces of vicious Power Electronics/Death Industrial warfare. The release includes an A5 booklet and A3 poster in plastic ziplock bag. LISTEN

Oxygen Abortion – A Ceremony of Swine C-44 $5 (UTS)
A mix of dark ambient, harsh electronics and industrial filth. LISTEN

Radical Creation/Dead Body Collection “Split” $5 (VIRRASH)
Label description: Split release from projects that offer articulations from differing strains of harsh noise. Dr Alex continues his wave of brutal HNW, a precise slab of refined wall – turn it up and ride ’til death! The Radical Creation side pursues more depressive necropolitical electronics, this release is focused on  Australia’s disintegrating political landscape, from populist progressive right wing movements to the spectre of Islamic State for alienated Muslim youth. LISTEN

RuiNation “Filth Celebration” C-20 $5 (Self Released)
20 minutes of hypnotic loops, scrap metal, synth abuse and field recordings. A more cold, Post Mortem sound from RuiNation on this release. LISTEN

RuiNation “Emissaries of the Black Sun” C-20 $5 (UTS) 
Industrial, Post Mortem filth and Power Electronics interwoven over 20 minutes of audial torture. LISTEN

RuiNation “Descent into Atrophy” C-30 $5 (VIRRASH)
Aggressive Power Electronics and Heavy Industrialized Noise. LISTEN


Coffin Lust “Beyond the Dark” MCD $5
4 tracks of old-school Death Metal from Australia. LISTEN

Impious Baptism “Wrath of the Apex Predator” CD $10
Over 40 minutes of Black/Death Metal Chaos. LISTEN


Impious Baptism “Wrath of the Apex Predator” LP $15
Over 40 minutes of Black/Death Metal Chaos. LISTEN


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