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January 2016:
2 new releases were made available in December 2015, “Filth Celebration” C-20 and “Emissaries of the Black Sun” C-20. Both can be obtained through UTS.

July 2015:
A new RuiNation C30 will be out soon on Australian label VIRRASH.

RuiNation first live show, Wednesday 26th August 20015 alongside Armour Group and Transparent Flesh Flag… detail below:



 June 2015:
“A Life in Darkness” C-44 out now on Under the Sign Records.
P.D. has joined RuiNation on verbal abuse and we are in the process of rehearsing for upcoming live performances.

“A Life in Darkness” (2015)
“Ritual Meditation MMXIV” (2014)

– Formed 2009 with first release “Parallel Awakenings” (limited CD-r given out to friends).
– Second release “As Above, So Below… I Am” out 2013 (limited CD-r given out to friends).
– Third release “Stratification” split with Oxygen Abortion out late 2013 as limited (20 copies) CD-r.
– Fourth release “Ritual Meditation MMXIV” out 2014 as limited CD-r, later as C44 through Under the Sign Records limited to 25 copies.
– Fifth release “A Life in Darkness” out 2015 on Under the Sign Records as limited C44 (20 copies).
– 2015, P.D. joins on verbal abuse and RuiNation begin preparations for first live Rituals and new recordings.
– “Descent Into Atrophy” C30 released by Australian underground label Virrash.
– December 2015, 2 new releases “Filth Celebration” C20 and “Emissaries of the Black Sun” C20 released.

J.R. – Sounds/Noise/Vox
P.D. – Verbal Abuse/Noise

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