UTS01: Destruct “Total Destruction” C-34 LISTEN

UTS02: RuiNation “Ritual Meditation MMXIV” C-43 LISTEN

UTS03: Oxygen Abortion “A Ceremony of Swine” C-43 LISTEN

UTS04: RuiNation “A Life in Darkness” C-44 LISTEN

UTS05: Destruct “Legion XI” C-34 LISTEN

UTS06: Conspirator “Lie, Cheat, Kill!” C-20 LISTEN

UTS07: Conspirator/Xtematic “Split” C-32 LISTEN 

UTS08: RuiNation “Emissaries of the Black Sun” C-20 LISTEN 

UTS09: RuiNation “Postmortem Inequalities” C-44 LISTEN

UTS10: B.P. “Sick With Power” C-20 LISTEN

UTS11: Zniceni “Zniceni” C-32 LISTEN

UTS12: Conspirator “Conspirator” C-28 LISTEN


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